Cittadinanza della Repubblica Dominicana pubblicizzata come vantaggio per gli investitori STO

Citizenship can only be revoked if you have provided false and misleading information about yourself and your family when applying for citizenship. No, it is not possible to apply for citizenship of Dominica as a family, unless you are legally married. You can maintain your previous citizenship after becoming a citizen of the Dominican Republic. Dual citizenship Dual citizenship is allowed and residence is not required.

In response, the government issued a law in 2014 to restore the citizenship of those affected by the sentence, also providing a process for people of Dominican origin without documentation to acquire residence and become eligible for naturalization. In fact, far from relying on the government to protect you, you just hope the government neglects you, leaves you alone, doesn’t bother you. In 2010, the government launched the participatory anti-corruption initiative, aimed at increasing access to government information. It focuses on promoting investment immigration, which aims to increase government revenues, cut debts and revitalize Dominica’s economy. In August it resumed the expulsions of undocumented migrants, who had been temporarily suspended at the beginning of 2014 to allow the regularization process to be implemented. Well, just like elsewhere, the Dominican government wants to make sure that the applicants have shown themselves to be law-abiding citizens and have a time window for that purpose. Confidentiality The government of the Dominican Republic does not inform the country of your current citizenship or residence about your second or third citizenship.

The residence visa is valid for one entry into the Dominican Republic only and you must enter the Dominican Republic within 60 days. Once the passport is granted, it is for life for the applicant and his family. You now have the right to apply for a Dominican passport (a separate but relatively simple process). The passport can be issued to a child from the date of birth. Status Tax Free Second passport and Dominican citizenship is the key to preserving your wealth.

Citizenship can be obtained through direct investments in properties. Citizenship by investment is based on section 101 of the Constitution and on sections 8 and 20 (1) of the citizenship law. The economic citizenship of Dominica for investment program is not a passport scam like some other advertised sites.

Anyone at least 18 years old can apply for citizenship. Citizenship in Uruguay is possible after three years of residence (actual physical presence in the country is required to apply for Uruguayan citizenship). You can apply for citizenship after 3 years of physical residence in Uruguay. Another way to obtain citizenship of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is to demonstrate uninterrupted residence in the country for at least two years. After two years of holding a permanent residence permit, you can apply for Dominican citizenship. Citizenship of the Dominican Republic may be required after six months of legal residence, provided that the applicant has invested in a commercial or real estate activity. In this context, the reform of citizenship and nationality in the Dominican Republic is promising, as I said a moment ago, but also worrying.